• Ian Tai

What the hell is a Sunday Cup?

True story. I was sitting at home, playing Gran Turismo Sport, and it hit me: The Sunday Cup would be a pretty cool name for a band.

It works on so many levels. I mean, look at it:

  • It works for football

  • It works racing

  • It works for coffee

It covers all angles in the pursuit of refined happiness. The name does risk sounding like it came from a commitmentphobe, but I'm hoping that it isn't a key takeaway from whoever's listening.

I mean, I can imagine people wondering "Does he really give a shit about this if he's called himself The Sunday Cup?".

It can happen.

The noncommittal part of things might also be heard - most importantly - in the music. But I assure you, there's absolutely nothing laissez-faire about it. The whole idea of countering the stomps and romps with The Propositions is intentional. The drawly, not-there-but-still-there vocal delivery is a must. I'm going to blame everything on art, and maybe even go counter-intuitive. I might even get on TikTok if there's time.


I'm sitting on a few songs that will never fit that rock 'n roll mould, but I don't want them to quiver and die without at least trying to bring them to life. For now, I'm just going to have fun with this. I wouldn't call it a bout of creative liberation, but more of an expansion of my palette. Anyway. Time for some plugs. Plugs!

My first track released as The Sunday Cup, "Ocean", can be streamed online. Find it at Spotify here. It beings underwater, but builds up to the listener surfacing. If that makes sense. Just listen to it.

My second track, "You Had the Face of God", is now available for pre-saving [what a phrase, pre-saving - it clearly doesn't make any sense]. You can—ahem—pre-save it here. [You'll be prompted to log into your Spotify account.] It'd be very presumptuous of me to thank you for listening and for saving, but...thank you. Let's do this.

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