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  • Ian Tai

Vax Populi

Yo, okay. I'm all for independent thought, staying true to yourself, not being part of the groupthinking herd and all that pizzaz, but doesn't proudly proclaiming that you're not part of the vax-friendly crowd make you a part of the vax-unfriendly crowd? You're just a mite on the other side of the coin. You're a....fleece.

From the people on my timeline incredibly adamant that the pandemic doesn't exist (it does), to how vaccines are just a part of the Government's plan to revoke free will (they're not), to basically striking out at whatever left-of-centre-leaning news they can find (once they've exhausted themselves trying to prove the first two points) - like, can't you just relax?

If we're absolutely misled into getting ourselves shot - well, good for you, then. There's no need to rub our collective idiocy in our face. Or there might be, if it makes you feel better.

Maybe I'm just happy being safe, I don't know.

We should be voicing out our displeasure at what's really hurting us: the people at the top who have no idea about what's going on. Those who cannot remedy the situation of the people suffering, who're living hand-to-mouth. Our friends who've lost jobs, our neighbours who've lost livelihoods, who've invested their toil just to see them wither away.

You want a loony theory? How about mine: in 2020, the Malaysian Sheraton movers did not take COVID-19 seriously, decided that political upheaval was the right thing to do...and they're now paying majorly for it? "Oh, we can shake things up, this COVID thing will pass like the flu." That was the mindset behind it all. Malaysian complacency.

We should be united in overcoming that final hurdle - our collective voices being drowned out by corrupted power. Our voice? That's the herd that needs to be heard.

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